A Photoshoot for Someone Special

Laura found me on a Google search and told me that she loved the portraits she found there. “I’m looking for a special gift for my boyfriend, a man who has everything”, she told me in our initial consultation.

“You’ve come to the perfect place!”, I told her. “Women’s portraiture is a specialty of mine.” And I’m talking about women of all ages and sizes. So many women I photograph are in the 50+ demographic, including Laura, believe it or not!

We proceeded to discuss over the phone how she wanted to be photographed, how she planned to use the pictures, wardrobe choices for the shoot and my overall process. 

This was going to be fun! We were both excited for the photoshoot.

The day of the shoot had arrived.

Laura showed up with several outfits, like I suggested. While my fabulous hair and makeup artist, Nikki Reign of Studio Facade, was setting up, Laura and I went through the clothes she brought.

“Which outfit is your favorite, that you feel the most attractive and sexy in?”, I asked her. She pointed out a few and I agreed that they would read well in the photographs.

“We’ll use those”, I said, and proceeded to match them up with my different backdrops as Laura and Nikki got to work on Laura’s makeup, chatting and with the music playing in the background.

We planned three different “looks” for Laura. A natural look in the window light with natural makeup and lighter toned clothes:

Then a bit of a darker makeup look in the natural light and black backdrop:

And lastly, a “smokey eye” with her wearing sexy black attire and an open leather coat in my dark grey backdrop and professional lighting:

Laura worked the camera with expression like a champ as I guided her through the shoot. Her excitement grew as I showed her the back of the camera from time to time and as she warmed up to the experience. We ended up shooting for longer than anticipated because we were having so much fun.

I sent Laura the gallery afterwards and she exclaimed “the photos are fabulous!” and proceeded to order several. She printed out two for immediate gifts for her boyfriend, then had me make two albums for him, with promises for more purchases in the future. 

Later she told me that he got tears in his eyes when she gifted him with the first prints – awwww, that made my day!

Karen Jones, MD – East meets West


I met Karen in a coaching program and took an immediate liking to her grounded kind presence. Karen, a former OB/GYN, was in the process of shifting her life to one of an entrepreneur, founding her own business. She decided to hire me as her personal branding photographer for her brand new website and business’ social media imagery.

Her new business is called Life Transformation Mastery and it helps women in their journey towards becoming more empowered, confident, and visible while leading a lush and impactful life. 

After getting to know Karen, I learned that she has always been a witness to transformation and growth of one kind or another. 

In her former career as a physician, she helped women through the ultimate transformation of pregnancy and childbirth, among other things.

Now, in her new business, she again helps women through transformation, but of a different kind. With Karen’s guidance, these women change. Through energy healing, mentoring, meditation and guidance, she assists women in transforming their lives to become the most authentic and joyful selves they can be. 

The inner work that her clients do is married to inspired action. So you get to “make tracks” with the inner work you’ve accomplished. You can take that inspiration, be visible with it, and make an impact on your world, and as a result have that luscious life you’ve always dreamed of having. 

This new modality of work has called to Karen for most of her life. As early as the 1990’s, she felt the tingling of energy in her hands and started onto a more intensive path of study into energy healing and personal and spiritual growth. 

These days she sinks into her profession with ease, as if it was calling her home to a place she was always meant to be. She has learned to live the processes she teaches others and has become a role model in feeling comfortable in her own skin, heard and seen, authentic and empowered. 

You can see her joyful and compassionate nature in these photos – her message of visibility, playfulness, and a comfort and ease with herself radiates through these images. 

Here’s some examples of some of the pictures from our fun shoot! I included a few of her personal branding words below each of her pictures.


Friendly, nature lover

High energy, yet a safe place for others to land

A guide and counsel to others

Friendly and kind

Fun and playful

Experienced and casual yet professional


Empathetic and approachable