Those Millennials! Thomas and Rachel

Thomas and Rachel- two awesome millennials. Thomas is our 25 year old son. He is pictured here with his lovely longtime girlfriend, Rachel. I promised myself I’d write a blog for each of my kids eventually, so this one focuses on Thomas. Of our three kids, Thomas is the most difficult to get in front of my camera, so I snuck some pictures in of he and Rachel recently while taking head shots of Rachel for her new job.

Let me tell you a bit about Thomas. He was always out of the mainstream, the original hipster. He would bite kids in preschool just to say hello, he teased his 5th grade teacher, Mr. Nelson, relentlessly, and as a teen became an expert in spinning poi and fire (gulp), and is still invited onto stages to perform today.

Thomas spinning poi in my studio in 2010

At one point, he refused to wear jeans, instead coming up with the weirdest Goodwill outfits I’ve ever seen. Eternally in a knit hat, scarf and multiple layers of clothing,his outfits were always completed with a funky coat of some kind.

Yes, he attended multiple shows and who knows what kind of trouble he got into during those later teenage years. He was always very mysterious about his activities to his parents, of course.

In his early 20’s, he also would hang out with my scientist in-laws and they eventually sent him to California to present a scientific paper they’d all three collaborated on. He was one of the youngest presenters there, and the only one without a college degree (as yet) to present this paper to an international forum of scientists. It was just the start for him though. After two internships and a college degree from the University of Washington, he has chosen to accept a job in emerging technology at the Starbucks Corporate in Seattle.

Smart and funny, maybe those piles of books I read to him as a youngster paid off?

So here are a few more fun photos of this amazing young couple:

A Fixed Arm and Photo Shoots- Quality Care Physical Therapy

“Hello, this is Sandra. John Monahan told me to call you for a headshot. I just got hired on to Quality Care Physical Therapy staff.” I was so happy to hear from Sandra! Quality Care Physical Therapy (QCPT) was one of my favorite clients to work with over the last couple of years.

Two years ago, my doctor referred me to QCPT as a patient. On my first visit to their facility, I entered with some trepidation. My right upper arm had been hurting me pretty badly at the time, even though I hadn’t seemed to injure it. At the QCPT office, I was put at ease immediately by the friendly and comforting front desk staff.

After checking in, I was escorted into a big welcoming space with exercise equipment, big exercise balls and other PT tools, and several tables, some with clients already on them talking to staff who stretched and manipulated the clients bodies in different ways.

John Monahan, QCPT’s owner and head Physical Therapist, introduced himself to me. He had a competent and compassionate demeanor.

John listened to me carefully as I explained the reason for my visit.

“I’ve seen several photographers with this type of arm injury”, he said, surprising me. I had been using my heavy larger lens a lot recently, I thought.

“Can you fix my arm ?”, I asked with hope.

“Yes. It’ll take some time and work on your part, but we’ll get you back in action soon enough”, he told me. I was very pleased to hear that and gave over my arm to his care gratefully.

Twice weekly PT visits, exercises, icing and manipulations were introduced into my life for several weeks. I actually enjoyed visiting their office in downtown Bothell.

They made me feel so cared for and were such fun and friendly folks. After a couple of months, my arm was pain free! Good as new, and two years later the pain has never returned!

One day while chatting with John during my therapy session, he said to me, “Hey, I need some pictures of my staff and space. Can you do it?”.

A couple of weeks later, I was there with my lights and assistant. We took pictures of John and his staff, plus the PT work space. It was such a kick working with these people- everyone had such a good sense of humor and they were so cooperative.


A year later, three of his staff members visited my studio for more headshots. John knows how to hire great people and you could tell that they enjoyed each other’s company. We made a quick little group photo of the three gals in my studio, just for fun.

I think it’s obvious that  I have enjoyed working with this company in multiple capacities and hope to see more of them (although minus a sore body part!) in the future. Thank you Quality Care Physical Therapy!

For more information on Quality Care Physical Therapy, please visit their website at