Pamela Jones-Anderson: Transitional Coach With a Big Heart

 Pam was recommended to me by her Seattle friend who I had already photographed as a personal branding client. After Pam viewed my website, we jumped on an initial zoom call to get to know each other better.

“I’m currently living in our RV in Idaho!”, she told me, “But will be visiting Seattle for a week or so in two months and really want to do a photoshoot with you then”.

I was so thrilled that she’d take the time from her trip to Seattle to do a photoshoot with me, and grateful to her friend as well for the referral.

Pam has a beautiful business in which she provides guidance to mid to late career professionals who are in the middle of making tough life transitions. Her tagline on her email is “best wishes for a heart-connected life” and her business is very heart centered, and she is expert in her guidance.

In her photos, I wanted to capture her authentic personality and show her approachability and caring, thoughtful and fun nature, as well as her own expertise in her industry.

She is an avid outdoors woman as well, so we chose two locations for her shoot – the woods behind my studio as well as my studio itself.

To contact Pam, visit her website at

Here are some of the photos she chose from our photoshoot.

Pam typically works online with her clients. White in the natural light white looks so good on her!
All those coaching books, connected with that winning smile!
So thoughtful, light and warm with her heart mug.
Dancing to the music shows her fun side!
Room for words on the right, heart-centered mug prop, she looks so friendly.
.Celebrating life and the great outdoors, her happy place
Basking in the luscious life she’s found in the great outdoors, through her own life transitions.