Lisa Mueller: From Software Engineer to Intuitive Guide and Coach

Pure white hair, easy authentic smile and sparkling, intelligent blue eyes- Lisa is such a beauty, inside and out! Upon meeting her for the first time at an Illuminating Women Girl’s Night Out event, I was taken with her compassionate and warm, open manner. Lisa comes across as a listener, friendly and compassionate, with a strong side of humor and laughter to boot.

A lead software engineer in the Aerospace industry for about 28 years, just over a year ago she switched career roles to follow her yearnings to guide others along the spiritual journey that she’d been traveling along daily, despite her left brain profession.

The change from full time software engineer to intuitive guide and coach was profound. After losing her Mother 10 years ago, she was adrift – unsure about her future and purpose in life.  She was not happy with her engineering career and was unclear about what made her happy.  She turned to various spiritual teachings where her mind began to open up to all the possibilities of the Universe.  Over time she created intentional daily practices and began to feel a connection to her True self and the Universe.  With a new sense of peace and purpose from within, she began shifting her life.  

These days, Lisa helps her clients get more in touch with their true selves in order to open up to a new way of life.  In her business at Lisa Mueller Coaching, she is a teacher and guide, holds virtual classes and meditations for clients, co-hosts a podcast and holds one on one sessions for her clients.

Check out Lisa online! You can find her website at, or on FB at or listen to her podcast at

Take a peek under each photograph here to see the concept behind the picture when we were considering her branding and how to think through creating the picture.

This studio shot demonstrates her interests, her wisdom and whimsy
This image shows a feeling of hope and optimism, and her love of nature
Here, Lisa is holding up the name of her new FB group, “Your Higher Wisdom” while in nature, her pose showing her fun side
Here Lisa wanted a picture in her arsenal to be prepared for upcoming speaker events in her future.
Lisa used this in a Facebook post in which she discussed doing an energy detox. It is a picture to promote a sense of peace and awe.
Here, we see Lisa as someone with whom we can share our tea and friendship, as someone who we would like to spend time with. Which is ever so true!

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