Author Kristin Peterson: AI and Women’s Equality

Kristin Peterson describes herself as a Seattle-based author with a passion for writing and talking about tech equity for women, mysteries, and tarot. She’s currently working on the a novel, and her Instagram tagline is “Let’s work towards tech equity”.

Smart, witty, edgy, caring and a bit on the mystical side -that’s how I’d describe author and speaker Kristin. 

The logline for her book is:  “When a single working mother suspects her best friend’s suicide was a murder linked to a fellow AI computer scientist coworker, she risks everything to uncover the truth”.

Her novel aims to be a cautionary tale of what could go wrong if diverse perspectives don’t have a seat at the AI table to code a future that reflects the diversity of society.

Kristin’s plan is that this book will educate women about the risks of tech.

She says that “My advice to any women entering the tech industry — keep pushing and asking the questions about how AI can be developed to further gender equity.”

Kristin’s photoshoot was much anticipated and she worked with the talented wardrobe stylist Lisa Hunter of @vianstudios to uplevel her look. Professional hair and makeup was beautifully done by Isabelle Mahealani of @Inklingstyle. Once we got rolling on the photoshoot, Kristin relaxed and we had so much fun! She was thrilled with the results and we plan to do another photoshoot in the future to continue to add more content to her social media.

Kristin plans to use her photos for her new website and her IG feed (check it out @kristinpauthor). I can’t wait to see her succeed in her endeavors! Here are some of the images we captured from her branding session:

For Kristin, her mini robot is a symbol of the emerging female assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google and their impact on the world.
Kristin’s interest in Tarot is a part of her life and shown here.
An invitation for a reading?
Journaling has also been instrumental in Kristin’s life and work.
This is the little creature that bears the wrath of all of Kristin’s negative emotions and insecurities!

Look at those blue eyes, little grin and intensity!

Kristin as a speaker.
An ode to persistence.

Open, beautiful and friendly vibes.